6 Pieces of Career Advice You’ve Never Heard Before

Career adviice



If you’re stuck in a career rut, chances are that you’ve spent hours reading article after article, trying to find the career advice that will make everything click.  You can only hear “work hard” and “dress for success” so many times. Here’s some advice that is a little different:

Stop Lying to Yourself

Be honest about what you want. It’s ok if you just want a stable career that pays well.  It’s ok if you want to save the world. Stop telling yourself that your reasons aren’t good enough.

Stop Underselling Yourself

Know what you have to offer and offer it. If you’re hunting for a new career, you need to be able to convince employers that you’re worth it.

Stop Overselling Yourself

That’s right- there’s a balance.  Stop lying on your resume. Know your value, but never act like you’re more valuable than everyone else. That’s just rude.

Be Indispensable

This is where “work hard” comes in. Be the person at your job that no one knows what they would do without.  This means working as hard as possible and being a great coworker.

Never Stop

This isn’t about overtime. This is about always trying to be a better version of yourself.  Never stop learning and moving forwards. Create opportunities for yourself.

Stop Hoarding Career Advice

None of this is going to matter at all if you don’t take the time to actually apply it to your life.  Focus on the advice you hear and work it into your daily habits.

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