Managing the Work-School-Life Balance

Tips for Managing the Work-School-Life Balance

work life balance

1. Track your achievements

Don’t minimize your experience. Give yourself the credit you deserve and use your accomplishments as leverage.

2. Put in extra effort

Go above and beyond and your hard work will be noticed and rewarded. This includes efforts for work, school, and personal relationships.

3. Build a network

Learn and grow from the people all around you. Acquaintances, friends, coworkers, and professor. Foster important relationships so you have a good support system. If you don’t know something, ask! If you need help, ask! That’s what networks are for.

4. Be intentional with your time and efforts

Focus on gaining skills and knowledge that push you towards your ultimate goal

5. Communicate

Let those around you know about your goals so they can support and encourage you

6. Create a schedule

Make a schedule that enables you to have a healthy balance between school, work, and family. Prioritize and commit!

7. Set clear expectations

Make your academic priorities clear with your employer, family, and friends. This should provide you with a flexible and supportive community of people that understand your goals.

8. Ask for help

Contact Student Services or your Professor if you need help, have questions, or if you are falling behind. We are here to help!