Fundamental Behaviors

Success doesn’t happen by accident or luck. Success only happens when we assess ourselves and honestly identify where we are, what we need to create the life we desire, and build the foundation for the future.¬†At Brighton College, we have identified the Fundamental Behaviors that describe our Student Culture to pave the way for successful career outcomes.
Fundamental Behaviors:
1) Desire to enhance Employability skills:
  • Change of career
  • Advancement in current career
2) Ability to manage time commitment
  • Adhere to academic commitment of completing an average of 3 lessons each week
3) Willingness to proactively communicate
  • Take the initiative in openly asking for help from faculty, staff, and success coaches.
These behaviors, coupled with industry driven curriculum, faculty who are experts in their fields, and a strong student support team lead to improved Employability Every Day. Your Employability in a new career is our #1 goal.
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