Partnering for Innovation!

In the spring of 2019, Brighton College began a partnership with CVS Health, a self-proclaimed leader in the “changing health care landscape…to drive innovations needed to shape the future of health.” (CVS, 2014).

Well, CVS came to the right place. Brighton College is on a mission to find ways to further our education as a service. We want to use our strengths in education design and delivery to add value to communities across the country.

With 10,000 openings for pharmacy technicians in CVS locations across the country, the industry leader wants to make sure future hires are fully trained for their new career and prepared for this responsibility. This means developing a more comprehensive curriculum for their potential pharmacy technicians as they work through this role-based certificate training.

Currently, CVS has 120 hours of content focused on certification examinations, professionalism, and standard operating procedures. They’ve asked Brighton to provide another 120 hours of its best content from its current 135-hour program to benefit their training. We’ve identified content to cover the law, policy, and procedures involved in pharmacology, but we didn’t stop there.

Like Brighton, CVS is committed to the professionalism of its employees, so we worked with our EmployAbility team to identify content on resume building, interview preparation, and key skills that help students develop as professionals.    

The final 240-hour training program will be offered by Brighton College to potential CVS Health pharmacy technicians. The launch is anticipated for the end of 2019, and will initially only be offered in select California locations, but the dream is to take it nationwide.

Brighton College’s dream is to keep trendsetting.

Do you have a vision for workforce training?

Maybe one for a way you can directly impact the career readiness of your community members?

Do you have positions that you need filled with individuals trained to your specifications? 

If so, and you need a partner to help you achieve these goals, let us know.

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