5 Tips for Military Spouse Moms Returning to the Virtual Classroom

online-learning-sqaureThe sacrifices you make for your country and family are undeniable, and you’ve decided that it’s time to do something for you. Congratulations on taking a huge step toward achieving your dream career. Despite the difficulties the military lifestyle presents, Military Spouses from coast to coast are defining their idea of success every single day. Now… it’s your turn. Becoming a dedicated and focused virtual college student is not always an easy transition, especially when children (and summer vacation) are involved.

These 5 tips will assist you in setting yourself up for success, as a mother, student and professional.

1. Set realistic goals.

Most online programs are “learn at your own pace”, and like exercise regimens, you have to pace yourself when starting out to avoid burnout. Understanding that online schools define an expected graduation date, for a reason, is the first step. Identify your expected graduation date and determine how many lessons you need to complete vs. how many weeks you have until graduation. This will allow you to determine how much work to complete each week. Trying to juggle a family and extra coursework can result in a frustrated mommy and stressful family environment, but pacing your studies will allow you to complete your program on time and be the kind of mommy your children deserve.

2. Establish a study space that is just for you.

Focusing on school work can become difficult when your “classroom” is located amidst the chaos of everyday life. Identifying your workspace as the family room couch and coffee table, for example, prevents you from establishing boundaries between “home life” and “school life.” Before beginning classes, seek out an empty or unused room or a nook of your house to claim for your studies. Ask your family and children to respect that area as belonging to you and use that space for absolutely nothing else. Having this special place to yourself for any period of time will allow you to focus more easily and be more productive in completing your coursework.

3. Create a schedule and stick to it.

New virtual students think that the flexibility of not having to attend a physical class is the best part of going to school online. The reality is that when you avoid setting up a schedule for yourself, falling behind in your school work is a huge possibility. Our recommendation: Set aside at least one hour each day to devote to school. Use your smartphone to establish a “study calendar” and set your clock to alert your one-hour before your study time begins. This gives you time to get the kids a snack and set them up with a quiet activity before you get to work in your quiet space.

4. Talk to your kids about your goals.

Enrolling in an online diploma or degree program is exciting for you… and your family. It’s no secret that your new school schedule, workspace and frequent distractions from your typical life are going to be noticed by your children, so tell them about it. They love you and just want to be involved. Show them your school books and pictures that relate to your future career on the internet. Tell them how your family will benefit from your graduating college, and let them keep a COUNTDOWN TO GRADUATION on a dry erase board. Talk about how you will celebrate this big achievement and how important it is to you. They are listening, and in their own little ways… they do understand.

5. Adopt an exercise routine and clean eating habits.

They don’t call you “Super Mom” for no reason, but life as a virtual student makes even the strongest mom have the occasional rough day. Caffeine will only take you so far, and sometimes it’s just not enough. You’re making a big change by working towards a college diploma or degree, so why stop there? Regular exercise and healthy eating will keep you strong and healthy for your children and your studies. The best part: It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the family! Take a bike ride. Go to the farmer’s market. Go swimming. Cook a homemade meal together. Play a game of soccer. Create a new future for yourself… and memories for your family at the same time

What Is The Workforce Investment Act?

What Is The Workforce Investment Act_1The Workforce Investment Act, which is managed by the United States Department of Labor, was signed into law on August 7, 1998. The purpose of the program is to provide the following outcomes for adult participants:

  • Employment retention
  • Increased earnings
  • Reduced welfare dependency
  • To enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the nation’s economy

Low-income individuals, veterans, spouses of veterans, and current welfare recipients receive priority consideration for the Workforce Investment Act.

Services Available at Neighborhood Centers

The Department of Labor provides funds to neighborhood centers across the country to make resources available for program participants. This includes a wide range of individual services as well as those provided by a counselor. Some of the specific services available under the Workforce Investment Act include:

  • An initial assessment of the participant’s current skills, abilities, and aptitudes in order to determine the support services he or she may require.
  • Program participants can research educational and employment opportunities, both those that are local and those available only online.
  • If the participant is currently unemployed, he or she can receive help with filing for unemployment compensation benefits. A counselor is also available to evaluate current eligibility for job training, enrollment in a degree program, and eligibility for financial aid.
  • Once the program participant has narrowed down possible jobs or career training programs, a counselor can assist him or her with application materials. Counselors also offer career counseling and job placement services.
  • Employees of neighborhood centers enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act can provide detailed information to program participants about employment and market trends, salary expectations, and predictions for future growth in a particular industry.

Brighton College Offers Career Training Programs for People Enrolled in WIA

Brighton College, a distance education school located in Arizona, supports the spirit of the Workforce Investment Act. We believe that most adults benefit from meaningful work in more ways than just financially. However, we also understand that balancing college coursework with family and other obligations is not always easy. That is why we offer all of our certificate, diploma, and degree programs
We encourage any prospective student who works with a Workplace Investment Act counselor to research the career outlook for any of our programs. Here is just a sampling of what we have to offer:

  • Health Services Careers: Brighton College offers an associate degree in health services management that prepares students to work in managerial roles within medical records, coding, or related departments of a medical facility. Those who are more interested in an entry-level career may want to consider medical transcription, coding and billing or becoming a pharmacy technician.
  • Paralegal and Criminal Justice Careers: Graduates of our paralegal program are eligible for testing to become a Certified Legal Assistant. Criminal Justice graduates have a wide variety of career options, including probation officer, juvenile justice counselor, and criminal investigator.
  • Business Management and Business Technical Sales: These associate degree programs prepare students for entry-level work in the business career of their choice.

Prospective students or their Workplace Investment Act counselor are encouraged to contact us at Brighton College with questions or to enroll.


Is That a New Logo?

bc_logo2In late 2014 we announced that we had made some changes to our website to better serve our students and potential students. Today, Brighton College continues our efforts to improve and deliver the best overall experience possible.

We have implemented a new logo designed to reflect our over 50 year history of delivering high quality education and our commitment to helping you, our students and future students, achieve your goals from the start of your education and into your career.

In this new 2015 year, you can expect many more exciting announcements including new career focused programs, special offers, scholarships, and much more in an effort to advance our mission of providing quality distance education in an online, supportive learning environment that promotes self-development, self-discipline, meaningful employment, and lifelong learning.

So visit often, share with friends and look forward to much more activity on our main Brighton College website, our Paralegal Institute website, as well as our Facebook page. Whether you are a military spouse, a veteran, or anyone who is interested in the many accredited programs that we offer, we are here for you.

Brighton. Your Future.

Attention Military Spouses

military-spouseBrighton College may have just made your decision to pursue your education an easy one. It’s well known, the important role military spouses play and the sacrifices you make. But what you may not be aware of, is the great educational benefit available to you. The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) scholarship program.

The MyCAA program pays up to $4000 in tuition and some fees for eligible spouses. A recent study found that 54% of those eligible for this benefit were unaware it even existed. We’re hoping to help change that number, by sharing this benefit with our students.

Here comes the best part… for a limited time, Brighton College is going to match the amount of MyCAA funds available to you. This means you could receive up to $8,000 in scholarship toward any of our accredited programs ! Visit our military benefits page for more information on this opportunity or call our office at 1-800-354-1254.

We feel it’s so important to share these benefits and opportunities to our servicemembers and their spouses! So help us spread the word on this incredible military spouse scholarship! Do you know a military spouse? Pass this along. If they weren’t aware of this program you could be helping them achieve their educational goals!

Health Services Management – Top Career in 2015

Health Services ManagerMany lists, including this “Ten Best Jobs in 2015” posted recently on MSN, have Health Services Management as of the best jobs in the coming years. But many ask what a Health Services Manager does. Who would make a good Health Services Manager?

Every company or organization needs a great management team to help run things smoothly and successfully. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are no different. Health services managers have tasks and responsibilities that include directing financial affairs, coordinating personnel recruitment, overseeing job performance of employees to maximize efficiency and many others.

The job outlook for health services managers is excellent in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this field are expected to grow by 23% between 2012 and 2022. So now is the time to consider this exciting and rewarding career path.

Health services managers need a minimum of an associate level degree in order to obtain entry level positions in this field. For more information on Brighton College’s program, read more on our health services management associate degree program page.

The Fry Scholarship for Fallen Military Servicemembers

fallen-heroThe Fry Scholarship was created to honor Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry, 28, of Lorena, Texas.  Sergeant Fry had one week left in his tour in Iraq in 2006, when he volunteered to continue working for seven more hours disarming explosive devices, despite having already sustained an injury to his hand.  He made the ultimate sacrifice on March 8, 2006, in Anbar province, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated.  He left behind a widow and three children.

Previously, only children of those who died in the line of duty were eligible for this benefit.  Over 1,200 children of those who died in the line of duty were serviced under the Fry Scholarship in FY 2013. Due to recent legislation, we are happy to inform that now surviving spouses can be eligible for this scholarship opportunity.

The law states eligible spouses are entitled to receive:

  • 36 months of full benefits, equal to 100% level of the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, this includes tuition and fee payment, a monthly housing allowance, and a stipend for books and supplies.
  • Training must start on or after January 1, 2015.  Training prior to January 1, 2015, is not eligible to receive benefits under Section 701.
  • A spouse has 15 years from the date of the Service Member’s death to utilize benefits.  If a spouse remarries, benefits end the date of the remarriage.

To find out more about eligibility requirements, you can review the Fry Scholarship Fact Sheet. To apply or make an election, you can download the application form and send a copy via the GI Bill website.

Please pass along this important information to anyone you know that may benefit from this opportunity.

Brighton College and “The Bad Bus” at NHRA FanFest


Brighton College is proud to sponsor  “The Bad Bus” presented by Larry Jeffers and Steve Geroge which will be appearing at St Louis Ball Park Village for NHRA Fan Fest Thursday,  September 25th and racing at Gateway Motorsports Park for Friday –Sunday September 26th – 28th, 2014.

The Bad Bus allows Jeffers to bring awareness to his Drag Racing for Kids Organization whos mission is to promote anti-bullying awareness, displaying compassion, kindness and family values. The “BadBus” is a Jeffers Pro Cars built chassis, powered by 526 cubic inch Hemi. It is capable of speeds up to 208 mph in 3.8 seconds.

Steve George, driver of “The Bad Bus” and owner of Precision Construction Services will be available for autographs and kids can sit in the Bad Bus and pose for pictures at the Fan Fest between 6:30 and 7:30 pm.

For more information on the NHRA event , visit the St. Louis Ball Park Village and Gateway Motorsports websites. For more information on the foundation, visit DragRacingForKids. We at Brighton College are excited to be a part of this event and to help promote these worthy causes.

New Website Announcement!

Brighton College is excited to announce the release of our new website. The new site offers a fresh new look and easier navigation. We are now using a responsive design which means you’ll find the same information and essentially the same look whether you’re using your desktop, tablet or smart phone!

Our main goal in designing this site was to offer you, the user, a quicker, easier way to find the information you’re looking for so you can make that all-important decision of choosing the right college.

Feel free to look around! We’re confident you’ll find the information you’re looking for very easily. If you have a question, you can now chat with us instantly using our new and improved live chat software. Just click the “Chat Now” button on the left of your screen and you will be chatting with a representative right away.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to work on improving the experience of our users and students!

Bill Approved to Delay ICD-10 Compliance Deadline

The senate passed a bill that will push the ICD-10 compliance deadline to October, 2015. This is the latest of multiple implementation delays of ICD-10 with the previous compliance date set for October 1, 2014.

Although the implementation date has been pushed to 2015, many experts are suggesting that healthcare organizations and medical practices take the extra time to prepare for implementation of the new code set.

Brighton College will continue training medical billing and coding students covering both ICD-9 and ICD-10 ensuring they are prepared for the workplace regardless of which standard is in place.

For more information, contact us at 1-800-354-1254. You can also visit the ICD-10 Transition page for the latest information.

Brighton College Partners with Walgreen for Externship

Brighton College has reached an exciting new agreement with Walgreen’s, the largest drugstore chain in the United States, allowing its Pharmacy Technician students to obtain externships with the company as part of the Walgreens Pharmacy Experiential Learning Program.

Now, students at Brighton College will have the opportunity to gain invaluable real world experience in their chosen profession, teaching them skills, offering confidence and hands-on training, and helping them to stand out in the job marketplace as well.

Pharmacy Technician externships at Walgreens will last for between four and six weeks, offering up to 240 hours of firsthand, real-world experience in the field. All such opportunities are unpaid, and are utilized to provide learning experiences and real, applicable skills which will help any student to hit the ground running once their studies have been completed.

At Brighton College, Pharmacy Technician students will enjoy a diverse collection of courses ranging from Basic Medical Terminology and Hospital and Retail Pharmacy Procedures, to Pharmacy Law and Ethics and Prescription Processing, amongst others. The program consists of a total of 22 credit hours, and is entirely self-paced, enabling individuals already juggling busy lifestyles the opportunity to continue learning and prepare to begin a new career.

Now is the perfect time to join the field of Pharmacy Technicians, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts total growth in employment in this field of 32% between 2010 and 2020. Pharmacy Technicians will receive competitive wages and employment opportunities in multiple settings and environments, such as retail pharmacies, including the likes of Walgreens, as well as hospitals, nursing homes or assisted-living facilities.

To learn more about Brighton College and their Pharmacy Technician program, visit our Pharmacy Technician Program page. Prospective students may also request more information by calling 800.354.1254.