Career Change: Why it’s Ok to Start Over

Career Change

The world of work has changed a great deal throughout the decades. It was once simply accepted that the “right” thing to do was to enter a job with a company and remain there until retirement. If workers were lucky, they were able to move “up the ladder” into advanced and better-paying positions, but many employees settled into the same duties until retirement. Fortunately, today’s culture accepts career change as the new normal. It’s expected that people will switch job paths for various reasons, from dissatisfaction to better pay. You may be inspired to know that many celebrities took a leap of faith to pursue their dreams by changing careers. However, many of us still hesitate when we think about trying something new. It can be scary to consider leaving the familiar behind in favor of self-fulfillment and growth. Let’s look at some reasons why it’s okay to start again along with advice on how to make a change.

You Have a Lot of Life Left

Let’s face it, working into our later years is usually inevitable. Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or beyond, there is still a lot of time left to earn a living. It makes sense to spend that time in ways that are fulfilling to you and that meet your needs. Whether you need to make more money to support your family or want to pursue a career that feeds your soul, taking the leap into a career change may not be as big a risk as you think. It may actually be riskier to remain where you are in your job life.

You Want to Be Healthy and Happy

Stress related to the work environment and money worries can have a tremendous impact on your health, leading to conditions such as ulcers, high blood pressure, anxiety or depression. You spend at least eight hours a day, seven days a week at a full-time job. That’s a big portion of your waking life. Not only is the stress, worry and dissatisfaction affecting you during that time, most of us carry these effects with us into our personal lives. The results can cost you a heavy toll.

You Need to Use Your Talents

Working in a job that doesn’t enrich us or allow us to utilize our skills in a meaningful way is stifling. Your career is a big part of your identity. Being unhappy in your work life can have a big impact on your overall sense of self-worth and confidence. On the other hand, pursuing a vocation that allows you to use your talents, make decisions, pursue your interests and engage in ways that fit your preferred work style can improve your life in ways you may not have considered. When our work reflects our values and allows us to feel a sense of purpose, that satisfaction follows us into our relationships and our personal pursuits.

You Don’t Have to Spend a lot of Money or Time

Starting over doesn’t have to mean making a complete overhaul that requires four to six years of formal education and thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Thinking in those terms really can make your dreams seems daunting. Fortunately, there are a number of careers in fields such as health, law, Information Technology and Business that can be attained through a short, flexible program. Many of today’s programs focus on accommodating working adults by offering online courses and staff who can help you by phone or computer. Taking on an education program will inevitably require some lifestyle changes. These changes are manageable, and the rewards are worth the sacrifice.

You Can Plan Accordingly for a Career Change

It’s also important to know that you can take some time to plan and research before deciding on your new path. Not only is doing so advisable, it can be really fun and empowering. When you have so many work,family and other obligations in your life, making a change to enhance your life can be exciting. Sit down and brainstorm the kinds of jobs that interest you and the talents you possess. This will give you a starting point at discovering the kinds of pursuits that might best fit your personality and aptitudes. You’ll also want to narrow down the kinds of jobs available in your fields of interest and the geographic areas in which these jobs are plentiful.

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6 Ultimate Tips For a Successful Career Change

Career Change

6 Ultimate Tips For a Successful Career Change

Starting a career change or other big life transformation? Check out these tips to jumpstart your success.

  1. Define What Success Means To You

Never work towards someone else’s goals. Have a clear idea of what it is that you want from your career.

  1. Accept Setbacks

A successful career change isn’t seamless – be willing to work with the setbacks instead of  letting them  get to you.

  1. Don’t Focus On Perfection

Be willing to try things even when you can’t do them perfectly. If you focus on perfection, your work will suffer.

  1. Always Chase Education And Experience

Never shun an opportunity to improve. Seek out chances to further your education and experience in your field.

  1. Stay Focused

It’s important to rest, but don’t let distractions influence your passions. Lack of focus will ruin any career plans.

  1. Take Care Of Yourself

Work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but make sure to allow time to take care of your other needs.

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