Spotlight: Brighton College Leadership Team

Great schools are run by great people and we value our talented leadership team. Therefore, we are excited to share key team members of our team at Brighton College. So over the next few weeks we will be spotlighting some of our newest additions. This week we are featuring Rene Nasluchacz who joined Brighton College back in December 2016.

Please take a moment to get to know her:

What is your role at Brighton College? Vice President of Academic Affairs and responsible for the academic department, student services, and compliance.

What part of your job do you like the most? Working with all departments to provide diverse educational options for students. Working with each department allows me to see how every person influences and impacts student success.

Have you ever taken online college courses? Yes. My MBA was completed online and my PhD work is an online program as well, with face to face residency requirements. I have been teaching online college courses for over 15 years.

What advice would you give a student attending an online college? I would advise students to step away from their limitations and cut away any anchors that can impede their success. It is important for students to realize that the only thing holding them back from achieving their goals is themselves. Also, carving out dedicated study and homework time is essential so that school does not come in second or third place on their schedules. Students should surround themselves with positive influences, people that propel them forward and light a fire when needed. Last, balance is key. Balancing family, school, work, and social responsibilities requires a conscious effort to manage one’s time and prioritize so that nothing falls through the cracks or suffers.

Share one of your favorite benefits of why students should attend Brighton College? Students who attend Brighton College have access to industry professionals in every course and program offered. Such connections give students the advantage of being connected with true professionals within their industry of choice.

Rene, is a fantastic addition to the leadership team and we are thrilled to have her experience, professionalism and work ethic. Check back next week as we feature another one of our newest additions.