Spotlight: Brighton College leadership team take two!

In our series of sharing some of the exciting new additions to our leadership team, this week we are excited to spotlight Sean Dixon who recently celebrated his one year anniversary at Brighton College.

Please take a moment to get to know him:

What is your role at Brighton College? Student Services Manager

What part of your job do you like the most? Everyday brings on a new opportunity to help our students become employable, also the fact that everyday is different in what tasks I will be completing.

Have you ever taken online college courses? Yes, I am currently taking my Bachelors in Business Management, expected graduation date is in February. I have also taken my General Ed’s, and studied Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in an online setting.

What advice would you give a student attending an online college? Creating and sticking to a schedule. I have been in online college for a few years now, gone though different schedule changes which changed my times of getting to school work. Overcoming the objections of schedule changes is difficult, however once the schedule changes you can adapt. Another bit of advice is to login to your course at the beginning of each week, check out what is due, create a plan according to your schedule and keep to it.

Share one of your favorite benefits of why students should attend Brighton College? The care from the staff and ownership team, from enrollment to graduation. The enrollment team really cares and wants to help you be successful, we will not force you into something you do not want. Once you have transitioned over into a student role, the success coaches are here to help answer any questions while helping you progress through the program. I have gone through some colleges where you do not hear from anyone throughout your program, that leaves you feeling alone.

Sean won’t brag but we want you to know he worked his way into his current role by being promoted from the enrollment team. His passion is helping people gain key employability skills training, which is why if you have ever receive an email from him you will see in his signature the tag line “Improving Employability Every Day”.