Developing Grit!

So, what is ‘grit’ anyway? In recent years the term is popping up in books, tv shows, articles, and social media across industries. Grit describes the personal qualities of individuals who successfully overcome adversity while displaying optimism. A person’s mindset goes hand in hand with overcoming challenges, accomplishing goals, maintaining a positive outlook, and displaying confidence even under difficult circumstances.

There are several key qualities needed to develop the ‘grit’ trait:

1) Define your purpose

2) Know your game

3) Get back up after a fall

4) Unwavering commitment

Each of these qualities is essential to finding your passion, persevering, overcoming challenges, accomplishing goals, and seeing each task as necessary to achieve what you envision.  Here at Brighton College we have the career programs to arm our students with the skills needed to accomplish their professional goals. Coupling your program with personal ‘grit’ will yield positive results while learning about yourself every step of the way.