Employability – Do you Have It?

At Brighton College, our 2017 focus is on ’employability’ which is the ability to gain employment and maintain successful employment in a chosen industry or field.
Your employability hinges on 1) your knowledge, 2) skills and abilities, and 3) your attitude. Investing in your professional development involves formal training, informal learning opportunities, networking, and a determination to improve your skills over time.
The programs offered at Brighton College give students a competitive advantage in their fields by providing relevant and affordable growth opportunities to secure desired employment while expanding skill sets. Employers want to know that you take your career seriously and invest in your future in diverse ways. Examples include earning a degree, diploma, certificate or showing evidence of overcoming obstacles while learning along the way.
An individual’s attitude reflects their outlook on life, ability to handle difficult situations while learning from each, flexibility, communication style, and is the lens in which they look through to frame their experiences. From an employer standpoint, attitudes can not be taught because they are the very fiber that makes a person who they are and impact quality of life, including job satisfaction. Having a can-do attitude coupled with adaptability, strong work ethic, and motivation to grow in a career are traits that stand out in the crowd. To learn more about this recipe for success, our students utilize the Employability Resource Center and have access to numerous tools as they approach program completion. Check it out!