Legal Medical Institute

Why Choose Brighton Legal Medical Institute?

The programs offered in the Brighton Legal Medical Institute provide students with real world experience, concepts, and customized courses to grow as a Nurse Paralegal while learning from experts in these industries. The programs unite scholar practitioners working in the field with diverse students who are continuing their career path or setting out on a new journey. Through case studies, policy analysis and application, collaboration with faculty, staff, and peers, the Institute closes the distance between legal medical scholarship and policy in the communities served.

Legal Medical Institute @ Brighton Principles and Concepts Explored

  • Examination of various roles and practice environments within the industry
  • Business principles and the core foundations of business
  • Entrepreneurship using sound practices, organization skills, technology, and industry tools
  • Professionalism, ethics at work, and critical thinking skills in action
  • Research techniques, data gathering, fact finding principles
  • Recognition of individual roles within case studies and preparation of legal documents

Through our legal division, we offer a Nurse Paralegal certificate. Click on one of the program fields below to be taken to The Paralegal Institute @ Brighton website and learn more about these career paths.

To speak to an admissions counselor for more information or to enroll, call 1-800-865-0165.